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Traffic Management Consultation

With my support, Brisbane City Council is trialling an online consultation system for more local traffic management infrastructure in the south-west corner of the West End Peninsula (stuff like roundabouts, pedestrian crossings etc).

It’s pretty easy to give feedback. Check out the website and add your voice. https://www.collaborativemap.com/West-End-Latm

LATM Consultation map


Montague Road

With the population in the area growing and construction in full swing, traffic along Montague Road seems to be worsening by the day.

Council has provided little response to residents’ complaints, and to my detailed budget submission on this issue. In the 2016-2017 Brisbane City Council budget no funds were allocated for Montague Road.

The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is the small allocation of funds to plan for traffic lights in two years’ time at the intersection of Vulture Street and Montague Road. While these lights will be a welcome addition, and will improve pedestrian safety on a section of Montague, they do not equate to the holistic approach needed to reduce traffic congestion and to substantially improve cyclist and pedestrian safety on the West End peninsula.

With accidents and near misses happening more frequently, the community cannot wait two years for a safer street.

Montague Road Traffic and Safety Survey

In August 2016 approximately 200 businesses located on Montage Road were invited to participate in a survey about safety and traffic on Montague Rd. This survey found 85% are concerned about safety of the road

To read more:

160824 – Montague Road traffic and safety survey – results

Want to join the community campaign for a safer Montague Road?

Click here for more information

Victoria Street Crossing

A popular crossing point on Montague Rd, is near Victoria St (just in front of the Aldi). A high volume of pedestrians cross Montague Road near Victoria Street to access the Aldi supermarket, the Cityglider bus stop and the new riverside apartments. They are often forced to make a dash for it after waiting for breaks in the traffic that never come. Cars turning across Montague Road in to Victoria Street make this spot even more precarious.

Despite multiple petitions and submissions, Brisbane City Council failed to allocate funding towards a pedestrian crossing near Victoria Street in the 2016/17 budget.

I’d go so far as to say that BCC’s failure to address safety concerns at this site borders on criminal negligence.

The argument that council doesn’t have the money for traffic lights or zebra crossings is ridiculous when they’re spending hundreds of millions of dollars widening roads like Kingsford Smith Drive and Lytton Road.

If you can find $100 million to widen a 700-metre stretch of road in East Brisbane, surely you can find the money for a few pedestrian crossings near a major bus stop.