Montague Road Makeover

Traffic congestion and parking problems around Montague Road in West End will continue to intensify as more people move into the area. The only practical solution is to make active transport and public transport cheaper, safer and easier.

The Greens are committed to designing and promoting walkable neighbourhoods so residents don’t need to rely on cars to get around. We have fully-costed plans for cheaper public transport every day of the week and we’re committed to introducing a new Local Area Traffic Management Plan for the southern portion of the West End Peninsula.

Subject to further detailed consultation with residents and local businesses, we support:

  • reducing the speed limit on Montague Road to 50km/h (and 40km/h south of Vulture Street)

  • reducing speed limits on smaller residential side-streets to 30km/h

  • redesigning the Vulture Street intersection to make it safer and more efficient

  • installing pedestrian islands along the middle of Montague Road, with some right-turn lanes and U-turn lanes

  • safe pedestrian crossings near Raven, Victoria, Vulture and Anthony Streets

  • installing a dual-carriageway, barrier-separated bike lane along one side of Montague Road

  • floating bus stops so cyclists and buses don’t need to cross paths (see example in image opposite)

  • insisting that property developers provide on-site parking for all their construction workers

  • higher permit fees and stronger regulations to discourage private construction companies from blocking footpaths

Along with new bus routes and cheaper fares, these changes will encourage more Brisbanites to travel by foot, bike and public transport, thereby reducing traffic congestion and parking problems on the Kurilpa peninsula.

We also have a fully-costed plan for new bus routes and a new Green Bridge to connect West End and Toowong, which will reduce the number of residents driving in from the Western suburbs, provide a shorter route for West End residents travelling to UQ, and allow Montague Road residents to walk to the Toowong shops/train station and the Regatta CityCat terminal.