Public Space

Participatory Budgeting


Interested in having input on footpaths and parks in your area?

Our ward office has a discretionary budget for footpaths, park benches and minor landscaping here in the Gabba Ward. This year, 2016, to determine how this budget is spent, we ran participatory budgeting. We are interested in implementing this again in 2017. This budget gets allocated to our office at the start of each financial year (July), but we start sending out information about the participatory budgeting proccess for these funds in the months beforehand. To keep updated, check back here in May next year or follow me on facebook/jonno.sri or sign up to my mailing list here

Would you prefer more public seating? Or a basketball court in the local park? The funds available are small – but this represents a great opportunity to test new ways of involving the community in council decision-making.



Mowbray Park

The Council is currently in a ‘detailed design process’ for Stage 1 of the Wynnum Road Corridor Upgrade (i.e. widening of Lytton Road in East Brisbane). I’ve repeatedly expressed the concern that that there’s no conclusive evidence that the road-widening project will significantly improve traffic flow. I would rather see the $80 million+ spent on a new bridge to connect Bulimba and Teneriffe (this would reduce vehicular traffic through East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point).

We’re still waiting to see the detailed designs (due in a few months), but I think it’s likely that Council will want to resume a significant portion of Mowbray Park for the road widening. I believe that if we are to lose part of this green space, residents must insist that council acquires a similar parcel of land for a new or expanded park to serve residents of East Brisbane and Kangaroo Point.

We should also insist that the large trees and the war memorial – which contribute significantly to the character of the park – are preserved and protected. Replacing large, historic trees with small saplings isn’t a satisfactory outcome.


A strong community campaign has formed in response to the road widening project, called ‘Wide Enough’. Click here for more information


Bunyapa Park, West End

Residents will be pleased to note that the empty block of land on the corner of Thomas St and Vulture St is finally on its way to becoming a park! Props to West End Community Association and the passionate local residents who fought long and hard for this to be preserved as parkland.


To find out more about the progress of the park click here


Creating More Public Green Space in 4101

The suburbs of West End, South Brisbane and Highgate Hill don’t currently have enough useable public green space to support their existing populations (and these areas are still growing rapidly). Public spaces located in close proximity to residential areas and commercial hubs are of immense value to inner-city communities – the biggest challenge is to find the land (or the money to buy the land).

An extremely dedicated group of local residents have put in many hours of unpaid work to produce a comprehensive green space strategy for the 4101 peninsula. The strategy identifies existing under-utilised council-owned and government-owned land than can be re-purposed as green space at little cost to ratepayers. .

Click the images on the right to view a brief summary of the strategy. The full 49-page document can be viewed here. As with all our policies and local initiatives, we welcome further community feedback on these ideas.