It’s becoming increasingly difficult for low-income and moderate-income households to acquire appropriate, secure and affordable housing in inner-city Brisbane. While some densification of the inner-city is essential to house our growing population and to reduce the impact of suburban sprawl, a large majority of this new housing stock in unaffordable for the average household. Due to rising rent prices, low-income households are increasingly finding themselves displaced and excluded from the neighborhoods they used to call home.

Housing unaffordability is a systemic problem that requires change at the local, state and federal levels of government, but that doesn’t mean that Brisbane City Council can absolve itself entirely of responsibility for dealing with this issue.

The Housing Affordability Policy Working Group will formulate ideas and policy around affordable housing, renters rights and homelessness. This  group has several roles. In the first instance it will produce policy and ideas for Jonathan to advocate for at a council and state level. It will also provide the basis for the Greens council and state level housing policy.

More broadly, the Housing Affordability Policy Working Group is intended to break free of dominant notions on housing and homelessness, which currently hold sway in council, state and federal government. In particular we would like to counter the idea that affordable housing should be provided almost entirely through the private market or government outsourcing. The parameters for discussion will be deliberately broad and we will actively encourage heterodox ideas and policy around housing and homelessness.

To learn about upcoming meeting times and venue, contact The Gabba Ward office

The ideas and policies produced in this group will inform how Jonathan votes in his capacity as Councillor for The Gabba Ward, and will be disseminated via press releases, forums, news articles, policy submissions to all levels of government and via our various Right to the City campaigns.

The initial task of this group will be to produce a submission for the Queensland State Government’s Housing Strategy.

Read or have your say on the Queensland Government paper

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