For information about a particular development, check out Brisbane City Council’s PD Online website, where you can search via the application number or the property address.

This City Plan 2014 mapping tool allows residents to visually explore the zoning rules and regulations that apply throughout the city, including information relating to property boundaries, parking areas, heritage overlays and flood maps. You can use the ‘Map Contents’ tab to turn different features and map elements on and off. Please note that specific Neighbourhood Plans, such as the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, can override the more general provisions of the City Plan. (In case you’re wondering, I have serious concerns about the current City Plan 2014 and the South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, and will continue to push for changes to these documents.)

The best number to contact if you have questions about PD Online or the City Plan 2014 is 3403 8888.

The push for sustainable development must necessarily revolve around a campaign for affordable housing, because as long as housing (and real estate more generally) is treated first and foremost as a commodity and a target for speculative property investment, private developers will always have a strong incentive to ignore and manipulate planning rules.

Right now, many developers are demanding (and being granted) exemptions to our current city and neighbourhood plans (many of these plans already permit extremely high density development without sufficient infrastructure investment). If there’s money to be made from property, some (perhaps most) developers will always look for ways to cheat or corrupt the system. So we can call for tighter planning controls, but we must simultaneously advocate for substantial reforms that reframe housing as being a basic human right, rather than a target for speculative investment. For more on housing affordability, click here.

Having issues related to building and construction work near your house?

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West Village

The mega development on the corner of Boundary and Mollison St, West End.

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Queen's Wharf Casino

One of the biggest private developments in Brisbane’s history

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Submissions and Opinion Pieces about Sustainable Development


While I don’t have the time to make submissions on every single Development Application within the Gabba Ward, I will, from time to time, make submissions on large or significant developments, particularly where I’m concerned that major issues have been overlooked. Unfortunately, substantive submissions – both my own and those of my predecessor, Helen Abrahams – tend to be largely ignored under the current system, so I’ve been focussing more of my energy on policy change at the systemic level rather than writing submissions that no-one within council seems to pay much attention to.

What should we make of the illegal Stafford Street demolition saga?

Illegal demolitions of character homes are troubling, but they are potentially also a distraction from deeper systemic issues that contribute to unsustainable gentrification and the legal destruction of local heritage homes. Many of you will have heard about the...

24-Hour Occupation of the Queen’s Wharf Casino Site this Weekend

Residents who are frustrated about unsustainable development and Brisbane’s housing affordability crisis will gather in Queen’s Park this Saturday and Sunday for a 24-hour creative occupation. The Queen’s Wharf Casino is the largest development project in Brisbane’s...

Youth Homelessness Forum Sidesteps Key Issue

Today I’m attending Platform 1225, a conference about addressing youth homelessness organised by the Queensland Youth Housing Coalition. The organisers have done well. There are a lot of cool people at the conference and a lot of inspiring ideas floating around, but...

Understanding Enrolment Pressures at Brisbane State High School

School over-crowding is one of the big planning issues in Brisbane's inner-south side. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation floating around which makes it harder to focus on and push for policy reforms that will actually improve the situation. This post...

My Submission to the Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan

Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan. I’d like to thank and congratulate the council officers who’ve put so much time into drafting this plan. Sadly though, I expect much of their good work will be ignored or rendered...

Understanding Infrastructure Investment Shortfalls

Right now in Brisbane, investment in local infrastructure and services like pedestrian crossings, drainage and public transport isn’t keeping pace with population growth. One reason for this is that BCC spends too much money on flashy big-ticket projects that attract...