Brisbane City Council has called for public feedback on the draft of its new Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan. Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, 13 March.

Neighbourhood plans specify how a suburb can develop, including setting height limits and design standards for each property. If you’re concerned about gentrification and unsustainable over-development, one of the best times to push back is when a neighbourhood plan is being drafted.

I have several concerns about council’s neighbourhood planning process in general, however my main concerns with the Dutton Park-Fairfield Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • No land has been identified/allocated for new public green space despite the significant increase in density and height around the northern end of Annerley Road
  • Owners of the land that will be zoned for higher density are receiving a huge financial windfall in terms of increased property values, but no affordable housing or public housing will be required as part of the redevelopment of these sites

I’m also concerned that properties within the Brisbane State High School catchment are being rezoned for more high density residential even though the school is at full capacity.

I believe this plan conflicts with the Queensland government’s state interest in supporting ‘liveable communities’. For the plan to be adopted, the State Government also has to sign off on it, but I have very little faith that the government will push BCC for a better outcome in terms of public open space.

I strongly encourage residents to give feedback on the neighbourhood plan, and in particular regarding the fact that no new public parks or public squares have been included to service the increasing population.

You can read more about the neighbourhood plan by clicking here.

And you can give your feedback here.

Council is also holding a couple of feedback sessions where you can talk to one of their urban planners and ask questions…