Brisbane City Councillor Jonathan Sri says he was disappointed but not surprised that he missed out on a formal invitation to today’s lunchtime wedding between a property developer and a politician in King George Square.

Councillor Sri says he hopes the wedding doesn’t go ahead, but that sadly, unholy alliances between the development industry and the political establishment are far too common.

“The Queens Wharf Mega-Casino is a classic example of what can go wrong when government ministers and multinational development consortiums get too familiar with each other,” he said. “The State Government has sold off more than thirteen hectares of publicly-owned, inner-city, riverfront land for far less than its market value despite vocal objections from Brisbane residents.”

“I’m glad people are protesting, and I hope they keep the pressure up, because an asset sale of this magnitude stinks to high heaven.”

“The marriage between casino developers and major party politicians is going to end badly for all of us.”

“If key Labor Ministers support this project, I expect they’ll see a backlash in inner-city electorates like Brisbane Central and South Brisbane at the coming state election.”

“There are so many better ways to develop this site. There’s already a local glut of luxury highrise apartments, and a global glut of casino resorts. The claim that this project will attract large numbers of international high rollers doesn’t stack up – most of the revenue will come from local poker machine addicts.”

“No-one is talking about the social and economic damage this mega-casino will do to South-East Queensland. The developers will keep the profits, while taxpayers will have to pay for the flow-on costs of problem gambling in terms of mental and physical health issues, homelessness, family breakdown and lost productivity.”

“This site should be used for public housing, performing arts venues, educational facilities, riverside parkland and local small businesses. We don’t want Brisbane’s defining landmark to be a casino.”

The wedding will take place at 12:30pm in King George Square on Wednesday, 19 April and should be well attended by a range of colourful characters. More details via the Facebook event.

For further comments from Councillor Sri, phone 3403 2165.