Bunyapa Park

The new park in West End (Corner of Thomas St and Vulture St)

Here are the most up-to-date draft plans I have received


At this stage, the only other changes I’ll be requesting are:

– Confirm the inclusion of publicly accessible power points near the two shelters
– Find room for an electric BBQ
– Reduce the amount of concrete in the North-east corner to create more soil-space for a community garden

Is there anything else we should be asking for? Do you have any suggestions? thegabba.ward@bcc.qld.gov.au

Key features of the new design:

– Toilet block in the south-west corner near Vulture Street
– Small stage in the northwest corner facing away from the apartments and into the centre of the park
– Shade shelter at the south-east corner near intersection of Thomas and Vulture Streets, which will act as an entrance-way to the park and a streetside meeting place/busking stop
– A couple of big trees for shade
– Open space in the middle
– A circular path to improve disability access and give kids somewhere to ride their scooters/bikes/skateboards around
– Memorial graffiti wall to be preserved
– A scattering of small community garden beds

With such a small space to work with, I think the designers have done an amazing job of squeezing so much into this little park, and I’m really excited about how these various improvements will make the space much more useable. I’d love to hear from you if you have any more feedback on this design (keeping in mind the space limitations).



Raise the Park

A group of local residents ran out of patience with the slow pace of council action on Bunyapa Park and decided to take their own action to activate the space. They carefully and thoughtfully designed a range of temporary pallet furniture for the park. They then set to work with a group of volunteers to build a fantastic pallet structure over the course of two weekends.

These structures initially received a permit from the Brisbane City Council. I was recently disappointed to find out that the council abruptly ended this permit. Sadly, the council doesn’t want that kind of infrastructure in public parks because it supposedly doesn’t comply with the relevant Australian Standards. I’m working on persuading them to rethink that position, but it will probably take some time.

Celebratation of  the naming of the Bunyapa Park

We had a beautiful event on Saturday 22 October to celebrate the naming of Bunyapa Park in West End and kick off the 2016 West End Festival. Thanks to everyone who came along and got involved.

Particular thanks to Uncle Sam who welcomed us all to country and explained the meaning of the park name, to Jan Elston for explaining the significance of the mural memorial wall, to West End Community Association, to DJ Avaxa for the dope tunes, and to Vernon for sharing his experiences as a homeless person being forcibly moved on by council and the West End police. Thanks also to the dozens of volunteers who helped build all the seating, cook the food and set up the various activities in thepark.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I’m looking forward to many more to come

How the park came about


“The vacant lot on the corner of Vulture and Thomas streets is the first new park to be constructed in 20 years and the only one delivered from seven specified in The West End Community Association (WECA) Local Area Plan.

WECA is a not-for-profit representative body of residents across the Kurilpa region of West End, Hill End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane formed in 2004. Presiding over this organisation is Dr Erin Evans, a passionate resident of the community since 1993. Her genuine enthusiasm in extending herself to the community’s wellbeing is apparent.

“We fought hard to get that park as it was going to get turned into apartments,” stresses Erin. She sought the help of local landscape architect John Mongard in transforming the lot into a village green. John has been instrumental for his design of many features around West End, most notably the lizard area on Boundary St. “So it was a big win for the community to get it. We had a number of meetings and used a process that John had used many times over twenty years of doing community engagement. We ran it during the West End Festival, taking to the streets what the community wanted for the Thomas Street Park.”

Excerpt from West End Magazine, December 2015. Full article link here