About Jonno

Councillor for The Gabba Ward
Portrait of Jonathan Sri

I’m a writer, musician and community development worker with a keen interest in democratic reform and cracking down on political corruption. I studied law and arts at UQ, and believe that politicians should work to strengthen local communities rather than fragmenting them.

I’ve previously worked as a cross-cultural mediation facilitator in remote Aboriginal communities, and as a carer for refugee children who’ve come to Australia without their parents. I’ve also worked as a legal clerk in a commercial law firm, a documentation writer in a software development company, in various tuition roles for university and high school students, and as an ESL tutor for Aboriginal primary school students.

I want to reshape Brisbane’s local governance systems to be decentralised and less hierarchical. Wherever possible, decisions should be made at the neighbourhood level, rather than top-down from City Hall.

I’m concerned that none of our elected leaders are talking seriously about meeting the challenges of housing affordability and gentrification, and the fact that unchecked profit-oriented development can tear local communities apart. I’m particularly concerned for those of us who live in units and apartment complexes, as current government planning policies fail to meet future demand for parks and public amenities.

What I stand for:

  • A serious, effective crackdown on political corruption, including a complete ban on political donations from any companies with significant vested interests in council decisions
  • Cheap, efficient public transport
  • Economically and socially sustainable urban development
  • Free high-quality healthcare and education systems
  • Genuinely effective environmental protection

If you’d like to know more about where I stand, check out the Local Issues section of our website. The Westender online magazine has also produced a more detailed candidate profile, which you can find here.